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With the colonization of Mars also the terraforming takes place. In 8 phases Mars changes from the red desert to an earth-like planet. Each phase lasts 10 days. With each new phase, the conditions on Mars change and so are already forming in phase 2 clouds and soon rain falls.

Each new phase brings new technologies with it. This allows you to explore new transporters, that better adapt to the climatic conditions on Mars.

It is advisable to have as many research points and MarsDollar as possible, when a new phase starts. In addition each phase gives also new resources needed for the further growth of your colonies.


You will find your avatar in the upper left corner of the game, click on it and create an individual style. You can choose between a variety of objects and colours in four categories, this will give your avatar a unique look from the options between different mouth pieces, helmets, antennas and mars suites.

In addition to the appearance, you can also chose a country in your avatar to show other players where you come from.

You can also change your e-mail address with the settings of your avatar.


The habitat is your home on Mars. It is part of your home colony that you share with other players. In your habitat you invest your MarsDollars in creating buildings and then leveling them up. An ever-growing habitat is important to be able to keep up with the development of Mars. Plan your upgrades strategically. Each building level becomes more expensive and requires a longer development time than the level before. Since you can only build one building at the same time, you must decide which improvements you need first, with a Settler Account you can build two at a time.

With each building level-up you also receive terrapoints, a habitat which has many buildings upgraded is an important way to earn terrapoints to achieve high ranking in the rankings list. The use of tritium allows you to halve the construction time. The longer the construction time, the more tritium is required to halve that time.


Hangar The hangar is the heart of your habitat. The maximum amount of transporters is limited to the level of the hangar, the higher the level of the hangar, the more transporters you can own.

The maximum configuration of the hangar is linked to the phases.

Phase 01: maximum expansion stage 6 Phase 02: maximum expansion stage 11 Phase 03: maximum expansion stage 15 Phase 04: maximum expansion stage 18 Phase 05: maximum expansion stage 20 Phase 06: maximum expansion stage 22 Phase 07: maximum expansion stage 24 Phase 08: maximum expansion stage 26

Com Central Your transmitters are managed in the COM centre, the COM centre specifies how many senders you have available for the expansion of your network.

Construction Yard The construction yard speeds up the building time for Habitat buildings.

Apartments The apartments are an option for new citizens to stay in your the colony, from the apartments you will be able to collect rental income which can be picked up at any time.

Safe The safe specifies the amount of your available cash storage. You are only allowed to own as many MarsDollars as your safe allows to control runaway inflation on Mars.

Research institute The research institute generates research points, a higher building level allows the number of points per day generated to rise as well as the maximum storage.

Crypto Miner The cryptominder generates MarsDollars, you must collect your earned MarsDollars to be credited to your account. To match your style, you can choose between three intervals to pick up on the production timers.

Refinery The refinery actively terraforms Mars and produces terrapoints. You have to collect these terrapoints at regular intervals allow the next generation cycle to begin. As with the cryptominer, you can choose between three pick up intervals

Storage. Storage improves the quality of your transported solid resources.

Liquid tank Liquid tank improves the quality of your transported liquid resources.

Gas tank Gas tank improves the quality of your transported gas resources, all storage buildings thus allow a higher price to be paid for the different delivered resource types.

LOST&FOUND OFFICE Even on Mars supplies are lost and so every player is allowed to pick up a free container once a day in the lost & found office. Additional containers can also be purchased for 25 tritium per piece.

With each phase of terraforming the value of the prizes in the containers increases. Also an additional transporter, a prototype, can be found in each phase inside a container. The prototype does not occupy a space in your hangar. Once a round you can find a mobile garage, which increases the number of possible transporters by one.

COLONIES At the beginning of the game you choose a home colony, once this has been done your habitat will be part of this colony.

Important! You are not alone in your home colony. Other players call this colony their home. Speak up and form guilds to grow the population of your colony together.

To grow each colony requires four resources. These are displayed to you above the colony. When each of the required resources delivered to the colony more than 50%, it will begin to grow. More and more people will settle into the colony until it grows to the next level, at this time one of the required resources will be replaced by a new one.

For the delivery of resources to the colony by you, you will be awarded terrapoints and MarsDollars depending on the current colony demand. The demand is determined by the stock of the respective resource in the colony. The colony consumes a portion of the resources supplied up to it point every 5 minutes. You can see the timer countdown of the next consumption in the colony menu.

COLONY GROWTH AND PRICES The main goal in Mars Tomorrow is the advancement of the Mars planet through terraforming. This is achieved by increasing the population in the colony and leveling it up.

The higher the colony level, the more it actively terraforms the surroundings and pays more terrapoints points for your supply runs. Smaller colonies do not award the same terrapoints, level that colony!

Once, as a new player, you arrive in a colony, you are shown how the colony changes from level 0 to level 1. If you start later in an existing game round, your home colony may have already reached higher levels above level 1. In order to increase the population of a colony and help the colony grow, your task is to supply the necessary primary resources to the colony. Each colony will show four resources which is required for it’s growth.

Once the stock of each of these four resources is above 50%, the population begins to grow. Keep in mind that every 5 minutes a portion of the provided colony resources from the warehouse will be consumed. This means that continuous supply is required to deliver more than the current consumption to raise the stock levels above 50%.

With each level that the colony grows, the demand and the stock levels of the individual resources are increased. The bars below the resources indicate how much the stock levels are filled. You can use the colour of the bar to see whether a resource is already sufficient to enable growth or if there is still a need for further action on other resources.

If the bar of the warehouse is green, this resource has already reached more than 50% of the inventory. The colour yellow indicates that the respective resource is steadily increasing and thus will change soon to the green area. If on the other hand the bar is red, the supply quantity is decreasing faster than all players supply.

PRICES For the deliveries made to the colony you are awarded MarsDollars. The price per ton depends on demand or current stock levels. The more full the storage is of the colony or outposts, the less you will earn on deliveries. The current price per ton is displayed below the resource.

TERRAPOINTS FOR COLONY SUPPLIES The more tons of a required resource you deliver to the colony, the more Terrapoints you receive. The higher you are on the resource list on the colony the more terrapoints, you can review here how you are doing compared to your competitors. Terrapoints are distributed every 6 hours in the dividend distribution as well as if the colony has leveled up with the colony growth award.

RECOURCES In Mars Tomorrow, resources can be categorized in three resource categories. These are solids such as lead, liquids such as water and gases such as oxygen.

LICENSES In order to transport resources, you need licenses. At the beginning of the game you already have some licenses, but if you want to increase the delivery quantity or supply new resources, you must first acquire the respective licenses with MarsDollars.

You need a license for every ton you want to transport. So if you increase the capacity of your transporters by research or a plugin, you will need more licenses first to run efficiently.

OUTPOSTS, INVESTMENTS AND MAJORITY On Mars, there are many resource deposits. In order to be able to transport the respective resources an outpost is needed at these deposits. Firstly you should extend your delivery network to the respective deposits by installing transmitters. Once you have reached a deposit, you must build an outpost. You can either send your standard drone to this deposit, a building drone or the turbo drone.

In addition, you can speed up the construction by investing with MarsDollars with a single investment, a subsequent investment can be made with Tritium. Organize with other players and guild members to invest in outposts to make them get built faster.

The less input supply there is of the resource on an outpost, the longer the loading time will be for your transporters. Reduce the loading time by supplying the input resources to make the outpost faster, all players will then benefit from this faster loading time. An outpost grows to meet the throughput demand of your transporters through congestion, the more an outpost is congested the faster it will grow (investments do not make an outpost level, only congestion). The higher the level of an outpost, the more transporters can load from it, essentially the loading times are reduced for the same amount of traffic. With each level that an outpost grows, terrapoints are distributed to the investors. The player who has invested the most MarsDollars also gets the most Terrapoints.

If a guild has more than 50% of the investment, it holds the majority of its investments and its members are significantly faster than their competitors. A guild with the most drones also get a drone majority loading bonus at an outpost. For this bonus to take affect, your guild must have more standard drones in the outpost than other guilds.

Transporters With each new phase you have four new transporters available. These are better adapted to the climatic changes of Mars and are much more efficient than transporters of the previous phases. New transporters need to be researched first and upgraded before you replace existing transporters, compare their stats.

The resources on Mars are categorized in 3 special types, for these special types there are also special transporters. You can either specialize in a resource type such as “liquids”, or you can explore the all-rounder type. The all-rounder type of transporter can transport all of the resource types, but they are not as efficient in speed or capacity as the special transporters.

Transporters that specialize in specific types of resources can also transport other types of resources, but there will be a speed penalty when carrying the off-spec resource.

PrototypeS In addition to the four transporter models of each phase, there is always a brand new prototype. The prototype is loaded with stats that will give you an edge on your competitors! This is only found in the lost&found office. A prototype does not occupy any space in the hangar and remains active over all phases. You can have an additional prototype in each phase, up to 8 prototypes per game round.

Turbo Sometimes you need to go fast! To speed up your transporters, you can activate turbo mode at any time. However, please note that transporters with activated turbo are not only faster, but they also wear out much faster. You should always keep the cost of repairs in mind when running in turbo.

REPAIRS The durability of your transporters is decreasing while they are delivering resources, the lower the durability, the slower your transporters will be. You should repair your transporters regularly. The more improvements a transporter has, the more expensive it’s repair. It is therefore advisable to repair the transporters before investing in their research points on improvements.

DRONES At the beginning of the game you can order your first Drone, the standard drone, it will be delivered to you after one minute of build time. In the further courses of the game, you can order one more drone with each phase. There are six types of drones available in the game shown below.

PLUGINS There are two types of plugins, Player and Transporter. On one hand, the player plugins directly benefit you as a player with permanent or time limited plugins, these improve all transporters in your fleet. On the other hand there are the transporter plugins, these can be installed in any transporter and improve their individual stats.

GUILDS Mars Tomorrow is a game with thousands of players on a game world, there is a benefit to collaborating with these other players. It is important to get together in guilds and to work together economically. Members of a guild benefit from multiples of drones at outposts and are loaded more quickly than guild-less players.

FRIEND LIST Add your friends to your friend list and stay in touch. Your friends will bem on your friends list as soon as they play on the same game world as you in a new round.

SETTINGS AND HOW TO DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT In the upper right corner you will find the options shown as a gearwheel. In these options you can make a variety of settings changes in the game. The tactics mode is especially recommended to use, it shows you all the outposts, even if you do not have them in focus.

In the settings you can delete your Mars Tomorrow account, if you would like to start fresh on the same server. But be careful, the deletion affects all game worlds. You will not be able to log in afterwards with that character. If you decide to delete your account, this deletion takes effect after 3 days of inactivity.

PERSONAL SUPPLY JOBS and TENDERS Personal delivery jobs are a good way earn additional MarsDollars,research points or terrapoints besides the normal deliveries to the colony. There is no time limit for these jobs. You can also cancel any personal job and replace it with a new one, after 60 minutes this will be free, but for a little tritium you can replace it with a new one immediately.

Colony races are limited in time, are only held on colonies with 10 or more resident players and are generated 6 hours in advance with 3 hours between each race. If you transport the required goods and place first then you get the best reward, each successive placement will earn less of the reward.

While personal delivery jobs will not have containers or Tritium available, you will find these rewards come up in Colony races time and again, connect to many colonies and join the races there too!